The Relationship With My Mother

In today’s episode, I am unpacking a bit about the relationship with my mom. 

If you’ve been listening to the podcast you know me and mama have had a rough ride 

Dealing with her illness, my foster homes, and everything in between

However, I realise that I haven’t shared recent news about the relationship my mother and I have

And we’ve healed so much together. 

I haven’t seen her in almost 3 years and in April 2022 she’s coming to Australia

I thought it would be such a great time to interview my mum for the first time on the podcast so she can share her story of raising her daughter as a single mother battling bipolar

My mother is my hero and she is a woman I look up to for her strength and determination and I believe I learned a lot of that strength from her

I know this episode will resonate with you whether you are a mother or not because I dive deep into our personal relationship and the emotional side of what we went through as mother-daughter

I hope you love this episode and I cannot wait for you to listen to our episode together when she arrives in Australia!

Episode mentioned: LLS #3 lessons learned growing up with a bi-polar mother.

Topics discussed and where to find them: 

01:42 – Speaking About My Story With Little to No Emotion 

03:00 – Knowing How Hard Motherhood Is

05:07 – Those Who Had Difficult Childhood Experiences Need to Be With that Child

05:43 – A Place For the Child Who Needs to Heal

06:38 – The Need to Acknowledge Your Childhood Self

07:05 – Understanding People Why They Are The Way They Are 

07:42 – Getting Into the Shoes, Into the Eyes, and Into the Mind of My Mother

08:26 – My Mom Didn’t Give Up On Me and She Fought for Me

10:39 – My Determination and Strong Will Come From My Mom

12:42 – The Higher Intelligence Put People Into My Path

14:22 – How I Want to See the World is Not the Horrible Bad Sh*t –  I Also See What Good It Did 

14:56 – When You’re Open to Learning the Other Side, It Comes For You

16:01 – The Inability to Listen to Someone Else’s Point of View When You Think They’re Wrong and You’re Right

16:36 – The Healing Among Three Different Individuals Who are On the Same Life Event

 18:21 – It’s Not Just Me That Goes Through This – We All Go Through This

19:40 – The Guilt and Plans I have For My Mom


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