The Unspoken with Sheree Rubstein

I have such a special treat for you today as I talk with my beautiful friend, Sheree Rubstein. Sheree is the founder of One Roof which, pre covid, was Australia’s #1 co-working space dedicated to women. 

Now it is a thriving online community for female leaders and entrepreneurs. 

With over 700 members, Sheree’s work with One Roof is all about uplifting women and supporting them to step outside their comfort zones, smash glass ceilings and break through barriers that hinder success. 

In this episode, Sheree shares her journey into the entrepreneurial space and why she is beyond passionate about seeing women rise above the confines that the system places on them.  

We talk about the unspoken things that women don’t discuss and why we NEED to talk about them. 

What is it that you feel you can’t talk about?

Sheree shares really openly about her journey with anxiety and how she has worked so hard to overcome her crippling fear of public speaking. Even today, she still feels nervous every time she gets on stage but she refuses to give in. 

What a boss! She is such an inspiration.

I love Sheree and everything she stands for. She is all about supporting women, building genuine community, and understands that if we want to change the system, we must first change ourselves.

We talk about embracing slowness and sitting in true self care to shift the deep narratives that hold us back from being who we really are. 

Sheree and I also share our own unspokens, and I am so grateful for this space where we get to do that. 

You’re going to love this conversation.

Topics discussed and where to find them:

[0:00]: Double your impact and double your income with Scale Squad

[5:00]: Erika and Sheree met when the second Sistahood event was held at One Roof

[6:00]: Sheree introduces herself and how her business pivoted from a co-working space to an online membership for female leaders and entrepreneurs

[8:30]: Sheree talks about the pros and cons of growing up with parents running a business from home and how this instilled an amazing work ethic in her and her siblings 

[10:30]: Sheree talks about her amazing grandmother who worked full time until she was 85

[11:30]: Sheree shares more of her journey as a high-achieving kid but how she lost all her confidence in uni. She struggled with anxiety and fear of public speaking due to an underlying belief that she couldn’t be successful because she was a “nice” woman 

[13:40]: While working in a law firm, she became more aware of the constant discrimination against women, which fuelled a passion to see things shift 

[14:45]: Sheree felt like a fish out of water in law but as she started reading more about feminism and volunteering to help women, things started falling into place

[16:20]: Sheree talks about how she lost confidence in herself while at university and couldn’t work out why she was so anxious or have the words to all it what it was 

[19:00]: When Sheree is at her lowest, her reaction is to hit things head on and throw herself out of her comfort zone. She pushed herself hard at networking events, toast masters and personal development courses.

[20:45]: Sheree talks about overcoming her anxiety by working extremely hard to immerse herself in the solution. She still gets nervous every time and needs to be very prepared. 

[24:00]: People look calm and collected on the outside but most people are so nervous. Sheree talks about feeling good but also shit after sharing vulnerably. 

[25:30]: The more scared you are to talk about something, the more taboo the topic is. 

[26:00]: Sheree talks about her passion for seeing women step out of their comfort zone and the confines of the system and how she is really driven by connection 

[28:00]: We are lovers of people! The power of genuine connection and how you attract what you put out. 

[29:50]: Scale Squad is open!

[31:25]: The power of having conversations about taboo topics that hold women back in business and life. The Unspoken conference is all about this.

[34:00]: Our ability to change the system starts with us doing the internal work. Sheree shares about her experience with psychedelic medicine and how it has helped to shift deep narratives 

[37:00]: Erika shares about her plan to take medicine in ceremony and her experience where she felt an awakening about what was really driving her.

[39:50]: Being in Byron has helped Sheree realise a lot of deeper things and opened her up to a different way of being. She is experiencing the power of slowness and how toxic hustle culture is. 

[42:00]: You can achieve more by doing less but the people doing the hustle don’t believe that. 

[43:35]: Sheree talks about some of the rituals she is placing in her life including journaling, setting intentions, not intertwining work and leisure time, meditation, and being in nature 

[45:50]: Erika talks about taking the positive that has happened and making it part of your day. 

[47:00]: Sheree is focusing on building her membership, getting her offerings right and making sure it’s all done from a place of listening to her heart

[49:30]: Erika is running a masterclass about building a successful business in uncertain times 

[51:15]: Sheree talks about her membership and that it’s like an extension of your business with so many offerings 

[53:15]: Where to find Sheree

[53:30]: Sheree talks about her mentor who was a huge influence on her and the book she recommended, The Heroine’s Journey

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Book mentioned: The Heroine’s Journey by Maureen Murdock

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