The world needs your art now! with Amie McNee

In today’s episode I’m so happy to introduce you to Amie McNee. She is the incredible talent behind Inspired To Write. Amie is a book doula, an artist, an activist, inspirer of all things and an author. She has written many books and has coached many people in order to achieve their dreams in writing and leaving their mark on the world. 

Today’s episode is super special because she shares so much on what it is to be an artist and how to get your work out into the world. 

This episode is for every single woman in the world whether you think you’re an artist or not. I invite you to listen with open ears and an open mind as Aime’s message is completely and utterly inspiring. Aime also talks deeply about journaling and y’all know I love that. So please tune in and enjoy this episode.

Links We Mentioned:

Aime’s Website

Inspired To Write Instagram

Aime’s Podcast

The Journaling Compendium

Book: The Artists Way

Seth Godin

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