Trust the timing of your life

I recently had the opportunity to share my story on Live TV. It was an incredible opportunity to speak out on mass media and share my message about working on yourself and healing your trauma so that you can have a better life.

A few years ago, I would have been freaking out about being on Live TV. This time, I flipped the script and was centered within myself.

Not who I will be in the future. But who I am now.

I’m trusting the timing of my life. 

It got me thinking about how grateful I am for where I’m at. This episode is about celebrating and loving the process of becoming. 

It’s not about reaching a certain level of success or accomplishment. We find the gold when we embrace the journey of becoming.  

What is coming for you will come at the right time.


[0:50]: I’m going to be sharing my story on live TV and I’m so grateful for the opportunity

[2:30]: I still freak out about events and speaking in front of a crowd but this time I wasn’t nervous. I was just excited.

[5:30]: There are things you think you can’t do but when you’re in the moment, you can do it.

[7:15]: I’m celebrating where I’m at. I feel grateful. I’ve been working with a PR agency to publicise my book

[9:00]: This is a time when I know I need to believe that what I’m doing is the right thing. I’m going to trust the timing of my life and celebrate the things that come.

[10:00]: Capture all the moments in your life so you can celebrate yourself. The process of becoming is the exciting part.

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