Tune into the solution

Life gives us a bunch of crazy shit sometimes. 

Is the crazy bringing you down?

Are you feeling anxious? Depressed? 

Are anger and frustration taking over?

Have you lost your sense of purpose and everything seems too hard?

You can’t always change circumstances but you CAN decide where you choose to put your focus. 

My invitation to you today is to tune into the solution.

Stop feeding the problem by paying attention to it. Turn off the negativity, turn off the fear and raise your awareness to something good. 

What you feed your mind is SO important. 

It’s all about where you choose to put your attention. 

Are you tuning into the problem?

Or are you tuning into the solution?

Topics discussed and where to find them:

[1:00]: Coaching is my genius zone. 

[2:50]: All the crazy stuff can bring you down but we have a choice about what we tune into 

[4:00]: What you let consume your mind has your attention. You need to tune into the solution. 

[6:50]: Pretty please review my podcast!

[7:30]: The media knows how to play to your fear. They tap into your insecurity and sell back to you the answers you want to hear. 

[9:30]: If I can create eye catching titles, imagine what the media is doing. They sensationalise everything. 

[11:30]: I could focus on the covid numbers, go to a protest and get angry OR I could tune into the solution. 

[13:00]: I’m playing the long game to help raise people’s consciousness, which will then help people question the narrative.

[14:40]: Are you tuning into the negative shit you can’t change? Or are you choosing something better to focus on?

[16:15]: Shout out to the listeners who tune in regularly because it makes me feel passion about what I do. 

[17:10]: Ask yourself how it’s making you feel. If it makes you anxious, turn it off. Tune into what feels good by tuning into your body. 

[18:30]: Check out the Sistahood coaching program


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