Why don’t we love ourselves?

Why are we so harsh on ourselves? Our bodies are absolutely incredible. We have a heart that beats and keeps us alive, we have lungs that breathe without us realising, legs to walk, arms to write, text, whatever…you get my point. Our bodies are an absolute miracle and yet we hate on them so much. 

Our inner voice is so loud and so vicious sometimes judging all the things about ourselves that we don’t like, but we’re not appreciating all the things that our bodies do for us. What other species does this to themselves? A dog doesn’t walk around thinking these kinds of thoughts, they’re just present and accepting of what is.

I want to challenge you on these thoughts that you have about yourself.  You’re just a human trying to live your life. Give yourself a break and instead of focusing on the things that you’d like to change, take some time to appreciate all the amazing things that your body can do.

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