Why I went on an alkaline cleanse

I have so much energy right now, I feel like a completely different person. 

Last year I was killing it on Instagram. I wrote a best selling book, I was helping and serving and working so freaking hard and it all looked great on the outside. But on the inside, my body was dying. So I did something about it.

This episode is all about my recent health journey, my incredible naturopath and how he helped me understand what was going on in my body. I talk about the alkaline diet, what that looks like and how it’s completely changed my body. I have more energy, more focus, more air, I lost weight. It’s completely changed my life.

I wanted to talk about this because I know so many of you are struggling with your health the same way I was last year and I truly believe this will help you. Don’t wait until you have a fatty liver or a system that’s out of whack. Take care of your body NOW. If you really want to be of service to other people, to your kids, to your community, you can’t afford to put yourself last like I did.


[1:46]: How I’ve always fluctuated with my health and weight

[2:30]: During Covid, I started working harder than before because I knew how much people were struggling.

[4:10]: I was abusing my energy and kept putting myself last while helping and serving others. While writing my book, I stopped working out and my body suffered.

[5:40]: I was operating under high cortisol stress and adrenal fatigue and I didn’t notice until the inflammation went into my face.

[7:30]: I finally booked an appointment to see a naturopath thinking that I’d just need some acupuncture 

[9:00]: He watched everything about my body and saw that my body had toxins, my balance was off and I no energy

[10:45]: After an acupuncture needle in the middle of my head and shoulders, my balance was perfectly solid again

[12:25]: I did a really intense test to look at my organs which showed a fatty liver

[14:20]: I was killing it on Instagram, wrote a best selling book but it was killing me. Don’t judge the success of other people because you don’t know what it takes for them to be there.

[15:20]: If I had seen a regular GP, they would have given me medication for anxiety or stress but that wasn’t the problem at all.

[16:50]: It costs money to take care of your health but it’s more expensive to be unhealthy

[17:10]: Pretty please write a review for my podcast

[17:40]: My PH balance was completely off and I had too much acid in my whole body. He flushed my liver out and I’ve never had so much energy in my entire life. My brain is working so much better.

[19:30]: How singers make sure they eat alkaline foods to make sure their bodies don’t get clogged up.

[19:50]: My poo is good! I have more focus, increased energy and I lost 5kg.

[20:50]: We are so concerned with the outside but who cares about that stuff when your insides are rotten.

[21:30]: The first four days of no coffee or alcohol was horrible. After that I felt amazing.

[22:20]: Now it’s not even a diet, it’s a lifestyle and it’s the way we eat now.

[23:00]: If I really want to take care of other people, I need to prioritise my body so that I can be killing it.

[23:30]: Your body gives you signs. Look for the signs.

[24:40]: Start putting yourself first. Take care of your internal health.

[26:10]: The reason I started doing this is because I was tired and sick. Don’t wait til you’re sick. Decide now.

Phanos Trangolas at Body.Wise Clinic

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