Are you impatient?

Constantly worrying about if and when all the things you want will come true? 

I know it always makes us so excited to think about our dreams becoming a reality in the near future.

But the common problem that many of us have is we tend to become impatient. 

In today’s episode, I’m sharing the correlation between self-belief and impatience.

Maybe you’re impatient because you don’t believe that what you want is actually going to happen?

If that’s you, then this week’s episode is going to resonate.

Your impatience is significantly related to having a lack of belief.

When you believe it’s yours can you let go of the impatience. 

Enjoy the episode!

Topics discussed and where to find them: 

01:01 – The First Retreat for 2022

03:45 – The Start Up Squad 

05:04 – The Lack of Patience

06:13 – Being Patient is a Practice

06:46 – The Reason Why People Become Impatient

07:05 – Trusting the Process

12:10 – The Reason for Not Having What You Want 

13:12 – Never Make Decisions in Fear

14:11 – The Sh*t That’s Stopping You

17:03 – Everything is On its Way in Its Perfect Timing

18:23 – Everything Blossoms Within You

19:26 – Checking Oneself for the Lack of Patience and Belief

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