Wild Honey with Sexologist Tamica Wilder

Do you feel a sense of disconnection from your body?

How do you respond when you think about being erotic?

What are your thoughts around pleasure? 

So many women are missing out on the enjoyment of life and all it has to offer, including sex, because they are bound by guilt, shame, and stuck in their heads.

We think too much and forget how to BE in our bodies.

If you can resonate with any of this, girl have I got an episode for you. 

My guest today is Tamica Wilder, a Melbourne based somatic sex coach also known as the Orgasmic Mamma. She’s been a guest on the show before and today she’s back to talk about her incredible new book, Wild Honey. 

Trust me, you NEED to buy this book. 

Tamica has a deep passion for teaching humans to reattune to the wisdom of their bodies while giving full permission to shamelessly prioritise pleasure and play.

Her work is SO important. 

In this episode we talk about stepping into erotic embodiment, getting out of your head and into your body to fully embrace and experience pleasure, life and joy in all areas of life. 

We talk about re-writing the old stories of shame, embracing our feminine energy and Tamica shares some somatic tools she uses with her clients and writes about in her book.

This episode is a MUST listen for every woman. You’re going to love it.


[2:50]: Tamica shares what she does as a Sex Coach, helping mums and women who want to reconnect with their pleasure, reactivate the spark inside.

[4:00]: How the title Wild Honey came about, embracing the duality of the untamed parts and the sweet parts of ourselves.

[6:00]: Erotic embodiment is when we allow our sexuality, playfulness and the wisdom of our erotic nature to land inside of your felt experience. It’s shifting away from cognitive thinking and coming into your sensations.

[8:30]: Some people don’t feel erotic and it’s usually because they’re thinking too much. 

Our thoughts sabotage our eroticism because it lives in things you can’t engage with the mind.

[10:10]: How we often override the feminine energy and stay in masculine energy out of fear and mistrust

[11:30]: Tamica shares how her sexual trauma was a big part of becoming who she is and how sharing her story in the book was really important to honour the past to move forward

[13:55]: The biggest things that come up for her clients are messages they received in their childhood around sexuality. These things stay with us and we take it into the way we do life.

[15:18]: It’s not about pretending it never happened but it’s about taking it from black and white into full colour. Sex coaches are highly qualified to help people in this area

[17:20]: How we often don’t realise when we’re giving messages of shame but we are modeling to our children all the time out of the messages we received.

[19:25]: Getting out of our heads and into our bodies.  Lack of embodiment is from a lack of creativity and permission to fully explore your pleasure and unhinge it from another person. We are responsible for it ourselves. 

[21:47]: How it’s still such an uncomfortable topic for parents to talk to our kids about sex. When we heal this in our own lives, we heal it for our lineage. 

[23:30]: We don’t have to stay numbed out and avoidant. When we step into erotic embodiment, it plays out in fullness, joy, playfulness into all areas of our lives.

[26:15]: Tamica claimed the name, Orgasmic Mama on behalf of all women. In her book, she dissolves the myths and tricks around sex and focuses on cultivating a lasting relationship with your erotic body.

[30:00]: Stress will deactivate your sex life really quickly. A lot of women say they don’t have desire but it’s not just about having sex, you can use tools to rewire

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[34:20]: Somatic is something through and of the body. Tamica works with her clients to get out of the head and get into the body. They also need to be heard and re-write narratives.

[37:10]: Pleasure doesn’t have to have sexual meaning. What else helps you feel alive and connected? Turning onto life is pleasurable.

[40:50]: Tamica shares some somatic tools such as breath, sound, movement, conscious touch and placement of awareness

[43:00]: Movement is about following what your body wants to do. It’s not about moving a certain way and getting stuck in performance. 

[45:30]: Conscious touch. Mums are often touched a lot but not aware of where it’s coming from (children etc) so this is about consciously touching yourself, not necessarily in an erotic way, and being aware of how you are being touched.

[47:45]: Placement of awareness. The more you build your relationship with sensation, you can feel a connection to yourself and your body. Placing your full focus and awareness on your body.

[48:50]: What Tamica does is so much deeper than what is shared in women’s magazines. Her book encompasses so much and makes it accessible to everyone.

[52:00]: Tamica shares about her experience writing her book, having to get out of her own way and birth it

[53:00]: The things Tamica didn’t share in her book including conscious kink, her family, relationship styles

[55:00]: The concept of the third to bring polarity into a relationship and what it can lead to when we aren’t in touch with our energy

[57:00]: Where to buy Wild Honey and her upcoming 4 week course on erotic embodiment


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