Women Supporting Women with Gabrielle Thomas – BIZ SERIES

I’ve got such a treat for you ladies today with another business series episode. I’m talking to the amazing powerhouse, Gabrielle Thomas. Gabrielle is an absolute boss who is dedicated to supporting women in small business. She focuses on helping women of colour excel and “edit” their businesses so that they can get laser-focused and achieve results. We went deep into so many topics in this episode and Gabrielle also shared her raw and real story that lead her to where she is today.

With fifteen years of working as a therapist in mental health and addictions, fourteen years of professional coaching and seven years of working on the business side of things.  In the last three years Gabrielle is best known for her (simple gets paid) straight talk business coaching.  Gabrielle works to empower all women, but especially women of colour. 

Featured by Marie Forleo, Australia’s Queen of Confidence, and on dozens of podcasts in the health, business and wellness genres, Gabrielle is the founder of Less Caption More Action, a global initiative focused on the economic empowerment of underrepresented communities.

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