Your man doesn’t have to be your cheerleader – you be your OWN cheerleader

Shout out to all you women out there pursuing your business.. even if your partner thinks it’s just a hobby!

When I first started my business, my husband didn’t believe I could do what I’m doing now. 

It wasn’t because he didn’t believe in ME. It was because we had two kids and he knew how risky it would be to start a new business.

If you’re in the same boat, my bet is you’re feeling frustrated, lonely, angry and like you need some validation. 

I talked about this on Instagram recently and had SO many replies from women all over the world telling me their partners didn’t support them. 

But you know what?

Your partner doesn’t have to be your cheerleader. YOU have to be your own cheerleader. 

To create what you want to achieve, YOU have to live in the risky future and believe that you can do it. 

Don’t rely on other people in your life to do the believing for you. 

Fill your own cup. 

Beyonce it up, and back yourself with your own independence. 

You got this!

Topics discussed and where to find them:

[0:03]: Next Level November is live!

[1:10]: This episode is about the post I made saying – shout out to all the women doing their business even though their husband thinks it’s a hobby.  

[1:41]: Your partner doesn’t need to be your cheerleader. You have to be your own cheerleader. 

[2:13]: When I first started my business, my husband didn’t believe I could do what I was doing. It wasn’t because he didn’t believe in me. 

[3:21]: Consider that your need and validation is shit from your childhood that your parents didn’t give you. You’re seeking to fill it but you need to do it yourself. 

[3:57]: Cancel ‘he/she should’ from your vocabulary. Nobody should do anything, but you should believe in yourself. 

[5:03]: It’s not that they don’t believe in you, it’s that they’re being realistic. 

[5:38]: “That which is real is never changing”. Everything changes so what is real and realistic? 

[6:54]: Realistic means past. To create what I want, I have to live in a risky future and back myself. 

[8:17]: If your partner doesn’t believe in you that’s not their problem, it’s your problem. You’re wasting your time focusing on it. 

[12:25]: My partner wasn’t on board straight away but it didn’t change how I felt about myself. 

[13:03]: Head to the Queen of Confidence Sisterhood and take advantage of Next Level November.



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