Your pain is calling you to level up

Sometimes life gives us hard shit to face.

So I wanna share a burst of inspiration for anyone who has gone through anything difficult in life. 

If you’ve experienced trauma, you’ve had to overcome hard things or you’re CURRENTLY in the thick of the mess…

I have an important message for you my love.

Your pain is here to invite you to look at your life and choose who you want to become.

In this episode I talk about how pain is here to give you a gift, to cause you to look at your life and choose who you want to become. 

That’s the reason why I’m so grateful for my fucked up life. 

ALL the terrible shit, made me who I am today. 

Everything you’ve gone through, everything you’ve endured up until this point has already happened. You can’t change that. 

What you CAN change is how you look at it.

Find the gift in the shit because there is so much power in your pain.


[2:30]: Everything is preparing you for what you need to do in your life. None of it has messed you up. Ask yourself why it is happening. 

[3:55]: I could have stayed in the place of pain, but I didn’t. It has nothing to do with luck and everything to do with your ability to see things as an opportunity to grow. 

[7:30]: We all have the opportunity to heal our past and change it in the future.

[9:00]: I wouldn’t be who I am now if my past didn’t happen. Who did you become because of your past?

[11:00]: Your past doesn’t need to create your future. It doesn’t matter how messed up it was, don’t let it dictate what happens next.

[12:30]: The pain you’re in right now is here to stretch you and look at your life. Look at it!

[14:00]: I’m choosing to take responsibility for everything that happens to me. I create everything.

[15:20]: Your pain is here to give you a gift. Are you willing to go into the shit?

[19:00]: Don’t try to fix what happened, trust the process. Learn through the difficulty about who you’re becoming. 

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