How NOT to get Swindled

Can YOU get Swindled?

After watching the popular documentary on Netflix “The Tinder Swindler”, I knew I needed to talk about this on the podcast.

If you haven’t seen it yet, It’s about a man who ends up swindling many women out of thousands of dollars he meets on this popular dating app. 

Undoubtedly, this man is a cheater and an experienced swindler and these women ended up giving a lot of money to this man without paying attention to the red flags or listening to their intuition. 

But the question is how the fuck did this happened to them? 

What could these women have done to avoid being swindled?

Many say they were “dumb” and “didn’t they see what was happening?” Others see them as victims who are innocent in every way.

After this episode check in with how you see what happened… Is this something that could’ve happened to you?

I have most definitely been swindled in the past and I hope that if you have as well, this episode resonates.

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Topics discussed and where to find them: 

03:31 – Unfortunate Things Happen When Not Doing the Work

04:44 – Not Learning the Lesson From the Experience

05:13 – Having a Desire for Things You Never Had

06:42 – Believing in the Surface that Makes People Happy

07:10 – Predators Who Know Their Preys 

07:59 – The Story About an Olympic Team

10:23 – The Sh*t You Allow to Attract People 

11:34 – Being in a Position to Be Wanted and Desired from Lack

13:02 – Keep Attracting the Same Sh*t

14:12 – The Things You’ll Get When Attracting in Lack

15:37 – Not Knowing of Your Weaknesses

16:53 – Worthiness Issue at the End of the Day

17:59 – Paying Attention and Listening to Truly How You Feel

19:34 – What is Meant For You Will Be Yours

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