How to build TRUST in your Romantic Relationships

How to build TRUST in your Romantic Relationships

Relationships are such a massive topic, one I have done quite a few episodes on.

This episode in particular was a listener request.

I recently asked my Instagram audience to tell me what they wanted to hear on the podcast and I got this question a few times.

Shout out to Mel who asked me “How did you learn to trust your husband (Hamish) after being in multiple relationships with people who treated you badly”

I had many “failed” relationships before my marriage to Hamish and each of them taught me so much about MYSELF and how I was treating me.

Today I share how you can start to build trust and create an incredible romantic relationship that lights you up and fulfils you.

It is possible to find DEEP, lasting love. I have it and I never thought I would.

I hope this episode inspires you to pull your journal out and get to “Sherlock Holmesing”

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