Why we keep burning out with Amie Mcnee

For those of you that have been following along on my journey for a while you will know that 2020 was one of the biggest years of my life professionally. 

My business experienced incredible growth, I welcomed so many more members into the Sistahood and I launched my first mastermind to help businesswomen scale their businesses and make huge impact.

It has been so rewarding, but now looking back on that I am realising what a crazy time that was and how all of us were set up to fail as far as not taking time to rest, feeling like we needed to hustle to change our business models due to covid and to give as much as we could to our communities who were all needing support. 

So I did all the things. I got it all done, but by the end of the year I was severely rundown, my immune system was shot, I had a fatty liver and I was wrecked. 

I vowed that 2021 would be different and then the year started out to be just as crazy if not crazier than 2020. Something needs to give. I am now truly realising and leaning into the fact that I need to slow down. I have been burnt out and it’s exhausting. 

My guest today on the podcast is Amie Mcnee and is the perfect woman to chat to about this topic. This is actually her second time on the podcast too.

Amie is a phenomenal writer and you need to go follow her on Instagram. She is so honest, thought-provoking and really honest about what she needs. Amie has written extensively on the topic of burnout and I want you to really take what you can from this episode. Please learn from the experiences that we share today and take a look at how you run your life too.


[2:48]: Amie gives us the rundown on who she is and the magic she puts into the world

[3:46]: How Amie inherited the belief that as an artist she was destined to be poor and starving for the rest of her life

[3:50]: The difference that journaling made in Amie’s life to shift those beliefs

[4:20]: Now Amie is at the point where she works with creatives to shift their negative stories and help them grow as humans

[5:15]: Amie uses her instagram to share the stories that she gathers from other creatives and the people she works with – and the shifts she makes through journaling

[6:30]: How Amie witnessed so many creatives and entrepreneurs crumble during 2020 due to extreme burnout

[7:04]: The hustle culture that we are conditioned into believing and feeling that it’s necessary to succeed

[7:33]: As a result, we don’t know how to care for ourselves properly

[8:30]: We all need to work hard in the beginning to get ourselves set up and understand what’s required, but at some point the hustle needs to ease

[10:30]: Knowing yourself well enough that you can recognise what your limits are

[11:30]: How Erika has seen no evidence that slowing down is a good thing in her life, and this has caused her to believe that she doesn’t need to rest – which is false

[13:00]: How social media sets us up to think that hustling and grinding is what we need to do all the time

[14:40]: We need to learn how to truly rest and recover

[15:50]: How journaling is the tool that Amie uses every day to rest, recover and look at what needs shifting

[17:40]: Looking at the space that you’re holding for others, but more important what space you’re actually holding for yourself

[19:00]: The idea of “mothering” ourselves and why we need to do this

[20:50]: The subconscious beliefs that Erika has been holding since childhood

[24:00]: When you allow yourself to go deep and explore the beliefs around the hustle, there are such deep layers and lessons that are uncovered and they are different for everyone

[25:40]: How Amie felt that if she wasn’t working the normal hours, that people would think she was lazy and that she wouldn’t succeed

[27:10]: Shifting the old narratives that you keep telling yourself around what “normal” work hours look like

[29:00]: Looking at your month, your year and actually accounting for rest time, family time, holiday time – these things are very important

[30:55]: The difference between resting, and procrastinating/self-sabotaging your growth

[33:00]: Figuring out what “rest” should look like to you is a personal journey

[36:00]: What Erika is discovery her form of rest looks like

[38:00]: This idea that if you “stop” – that everything around you will stop, your business will fail and you will be left with nothing

[41:00]: Reducing your screen time, the endless scrolling to connect more with each other on a deeper level

[42:30]: The fear that comes up around rest and what will happen

[44:50]: The massive shift that is created once you recognise that you’re burning out, and what it will take for you to truly slow down and rest

[47:30]: The overarching message here – to know thyself and get to the bottom of what you really need to feel restored and relaxed. It is different for everyone

[49:00]: Where to find Amie and all the ways you can work with her

[51:50]: Amie’s book series!

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